Luxury Surfaces

Surfaces are stimulated via way of means of nature, which move past nature. IBIZA luxurious surface® produces ceramic slabs which mission the conventional makes use of of this material, growing large-sized large thickness surfaces, that are utilized in outside architecture, interior design, and furnishings.

Our agency grows continuously, thanks additionally to the improvement of stable partnerships and a mutually useful alternate of expertise and thoughts with people who like us, nurture the ambition of shaping tomorrow’s world.

Our whole concept is an amazing surface design.
The presentation of properties is only one illustration of how IBIZA Luxury surface® plans to seek after greatness through development, We give kitchen tops and accommodation spaces, and our items stand best for outside and weighty traffic region as our full-body cleaned products LISCIARE SURFACE normal matt the surface gives MOH’S hardness 6+.

Sizes Beyond Imagination


80 x 300 cm


120 x 160 cm


160 x 320 cm

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