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IBIZA® creates revolution in Indian Ceramic Industries by developing Fullbody technical slabs of differnt colours and patterns in biggest available slab size globally. It’s colours and patterns are highly appreciated by leading architects and interior designers in India. IBIZA® is well known internationally for its reputation of unique designs and colours of consistent quality.

Our agency grows continuously, thanks additionally to the improvement of stable partnerships and a mutually useful alternate of expertise and thoughts with people who like us, nurture the ambition of shaping tomorrow’s world.

Our nature has provided tremendous beauty in entire universe, men has always been trying to accumulate that beauty at his home in terms of interiors, by using natural stones and marbles but we face some difficulties with available size, difficulties in chemical resistance and consistency. Here is where IBIZA® plays a major role by providing extraordinary and rare marble and stone replica to use for various surfaces with highest technical parameters and gives endless possibilities to introduce nature’s beauty to your home.

Sizes Beyond Imagination


80 x 300cm - 1.5cm


160 x 320cm - 1.2cm

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