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IBIZA Luxury Surface®

Headquartered in Morbi, Wankaner (Gujarat), the ‘Mecca’ of tile manufacturing in India, Ibiza’s sprawling plant in Morbi is outfitted with state-of-the-art imported Italian machinery and precision equipment.


Disciplined mind enables you to achieve difficult milestones with ease that is why our skilled workforce and disciplined manpower has conquered every milestone we have desired.

Strong and determined principles has always been a road to victory for us and it is our mission to become the first choice of our patrons and provide excellent quality of services and products they have ever imagined.


Determination in perspective towards continuous improvements and up gradation alongside a voracious hunger for flawlessness has driven IBIZA to the top.

We have guaranteed ourselves and our all-encompassing family to keep up this development ceaselessly.



We value quality above all. Be it the quality of our finished tiles, or the way we deal with our stakeholders like employees, suppliers, industry partners and competitors, we want to be known as a top-quality manufacturer.


Innovation is in our blood. Since 1965, we have been innovators and pioneers in India’s tile industry and have enjoyed the support of both architects & designers and the customers.


Since our inception, we believe in simplicity. we understand complex problems of this world have simple solutions. and we have been at the forefront of finding one, often followed by huge success.
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Architects know that size makes all the difference. you can get a seamless look and feel in your interiors or exteriors – kitchen and bathroom counter, washbasins, swings or sliding doors – with porcelain tiles designed for floors and walls in large 320x160cm slabs.

Setting a new gold standard for architects, especially for projects where size counts. Ibiza offers flexibility and freedom to architects to execute their design concepts in the fullest measure.

Promise Towards


We want to be recognized as trend – setters & known globally as one of the best ceramic products are also made in India.


We consider it our responsibility to make our infrastructure eco-friendly and low-emissions to protect environment and contribute to save the planet.


We are well-known for our best innovative products and better promised quality with on-time service and strong long-time business relations.


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